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Learn how other businesses are using Stamp Me to connect with customers, reward loyalty and drive customer retention.

Kinjo Sushi Restaurant

Industry: Cafe/Restaurant

Canadian chain Kinjo Sushi approached us to create an enticing mobile app-based loyalty program that would increase customer retention and boost sales for their restaurant. Here’s what they did!

Quest Coffee Roasters

Industry: Cafe/Restaurant

Australian coffee roasters and cafe owners Quest Coffee wanted to upgrade their old, unhygienic paper punch-card system. Instead, they wanted a contactless digital solution. Take a look at how it works!

Seven Hair & Body

Industry: Hair & Beauty

British barbers shop Seven Hair & Body, wanted a way to reward customers to ensure they kept coming back to them for their every grooming need. Here’s what they did and how their program works!

Kabuki Hair

Industry: Hair & Beauty

Kabuki Hair Studio in Adelaide, Australia, have been using Stamp Me since 2016 to ensure they nurture a relationship with their customers to keep them returning. Have a look at how their loyalty program works here!

Foster City

Industry: Local Government/Tourism

The City of Foster in sunny California wanted an incentivised shop local scheme for multiple eateries in order to help support independent businesses, and boost the local economy. Take a look at how their program works…

Pine Scone Cafe

Industry: Cafe/Restaurant

The Pine Scone Cafe in North Carolina have been using our digital stamp card for their two businesses for 4+ years. They’re also big advocates of our texting feature. See how their rewards platform works in this case study!

The Other Place is Greener

Industry: Retail/Cannabis

Located in Colorado in the USA, cannabis retail store The Other Place is Greener have been using Stamp Me since 2018. Here’s how their program keeps customers loyal and helps set their business apart from their competitors!

waXon Fuzz Off

Industry: Hair & Beauty

Dallas-based waxing and beauty salon waXon Fuzz Off love rewarding their clients for booking services with them! With three different stamp cards, they ensure there is a reward for everyone…

The City of Hobart

Industry: Local Government/Tourism

In search of a ‘shop local’ passport-style incentive to support businesses after COVID-19, the City of Hobart set up a highly successful short campaign using Stamp Me. Check out this great example of a passport rewards program.


Industry: Food & Beverage/Retail

French-Canadian tea shop MysTea use two digital stamp cards at both of their retail locations in Quebec. They run their program in French and keep customers engaged with a Scratch & Win game, Birthday Club and more!

Tenaga Kava

Industry: Food & Beverage

Serving rejuvenating drinks from around the world, Florida-based kava store Tenaga Kava uses Stamp Me as an integral part of their day-to-day operations and marketing strategy. Here’s how their #tenagatribe program works!

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