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Apr 17
Customised Rewards Programs

How We Build Customized Rewards Apps (Step-By-Step Guide)

Building world class digital rewards platforms for enterprises don’t just happen. We should know, because we have built a lot of them! A lot of work goes into conceptualising and planning the platform to deliver a customised rewards program that is simple to use, activate and implement for both the business and its users.  This

Apr 17
Difference between generations

How Brand Loyalty Differs Between Each Generation

There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to customer loyalty programs. People from different demographics respond to brand loyalty in many different ways; people’s attitudes towards brand loyalty differ depending on their age, gender, annual income, spending habits and numerous other factors.   But the biggest divide in people’s behaviour towards

Apr 5
Customer Loyalty Card App

5 Ways A Loyalty App Can Benefit Restaurants

The great part of running a restaurant is that you’re selling a product that humans need to consume three times a day for their entire lives! However, there are many other restaurants out there. How do you make sure your customers choose to come back to yours? While dishing up mouth-watering dishes that are too

Mar 29
Loyalty Program Success

7 Tips For Creating A Successful Loyalty Program

If your business is considering creating and implementing a customer loyalty program, you probably have a wide range of questions on the topic… ‘What makes a successful loyalty program?’ is probably one of them. As I’m sure you are aware, the ultimate goal of a customer loyalty program is customer retention. Why is this important?

Mar 22
Happy customers

What is the Best Loyalty Card App For Business?

With so many loyalty card apps and programs available in the market, you’re probably a little overwhelmed and are trying to figure out which is the best loyalty card app for your business. Well, you’ve come to the right place – hopefully we can help you narrow it down and guide you to choosing the

Mar 14
Customer Loyalty Program Success

How To Get The Most Out of Your Customer Loyalty Program

While customer loyalty programs are an indispensable tool for increasing customer retention and brand loyalty, unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as setting it up and watching your profits rise. As with anything, you only get out of it what you put in. In order for a customer loyalty program to work for your business

Mar 8

Customer Loyalty Programs for Coffee Shops and Cafes

For cafe owners looking to increase their customer retention and expand their customer base, there’s no more useful tool than an effective and well-maintained customer loyalty program. While coffee is an extremely popular commodity, competition between local cafes is often fierce. So how can coffee shop owners ensure people choose to consistently visit their cafe

Mar 1
customer loyalty app

4 Reasons Why a Loyalty Card App Will Improve Your Business

Much of the content you see online regarding how to increase profits or how to promote your business focuses on “how to get more customers”. The power of customer retention and loyalty is often understated or overlooked. Most people associate business growth with the concept of “broadening your horizons”. But what happens to your existing

Feb 23
Pros and Cons of Loyalty Programs

Pros and Cons of Loyalty Programs

Businesses that are considering starting a customer loyalty program naturally have a wide range of questions on the topic, all of which strive to answer a single question – is it going to increase profits? So before you go ahead and create and implement a loyalty program for your business, it’s important to know what

Feb 15
Digital stamp card

Traditional Punch Cards vs. Digital Loyalty Card App – Which is better?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already clued on to the fact that a customer loyalty program is essential in expanding your customer retention and increasing brand loyalty. Now it’s just a matter of whether to opt for a traditional punch card or a digital loyalty card. So what are the pros and cons? The

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