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Aug 22
Customer Loyalty Facts & Statistics

22 Interesting Customer Loyalty Facts & Statistics

While most people have a good idea of what customer loyalty means, why it’s important, and how loyalty programs work, you’d be surprised at what the data tells us from all kinds of studies conducted in recent years. Have a skim through these fascinating customer loyalty statistics, and how they can be used to boost

Aug 8
7 Eleven Free Coffee

Why is 7-Eleven Giving Away Free Coffee?

It’s no secret Australians love their coffee. On average, they consume an average of nearly 2kg of ground coffee each per year, and the Australian coffee market exceeded $2 billion in 2017 alone. Of the 1 billion disposable coffee cups that Australians use every year, approximately 92% of them end up in landfills because these

Aug 6
Loyalty Program Success

4 Ways Customer Loyalty Analytics Will Help You Grow Your Business

In a market that is flooded with a ton of products to choose from, it can be quite a challenge to retain customers. It is important you come up with strategies to boost customer loyalty.  Let us see how you can make great customer experience strategies using customer loyalty analytics. Here Are 4 Ways You Can

Aug 2
Do loyalty programs increase sales

Do Loyalty Programs Increase Sales?

We’ve all taken advantage of a coffee shop’s loyalty program to edge our way towards that free coffee, or signed up to a clothing store’s rewards program so we can eventually get that free pair of socks or discounted jacket. But do loyalty programs increase sales? Or do they simply allow existing customers to enjoy

Jul 30
Customer Loyalty App

What is the Best Loyalty Program App for Small Businesses?

Are you looking to set up a loyalty program for your small business that helps you achieve a solid foundation of loyal customers who support your business? With so many great loyalty programs available, it can be overwhelming figuring out which is the best loyalty program app for small business.  Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut best

Jul 22
Restaurant Loyalty Program

The Restaurant’s Guide To Loyalty Programs: Ideas, Tips & Examples

Are you looking for creative restaurant loyalty program ideas to keep your diners engaged and loyal to your brand? Perhaps you’re having trouble deciding which type of loyalty program you should implement. Or maybe you already have one and while registrations started with a bang, now interest is tapering off.  Just the way your menu

Jul 12
Innovative Idea

Innovative Reward Ideas for Customer Loyalty Programs

There’s no denying that customer loyalty programs have changed dramatically over the years.  Traditional loyalty programs used to merely offer discounts off the businesses own products and services in exchange for continued loyalty from customers, however, the concept has evolved into something much larger.  After all, the wider selection of rewards you can offer, the

Jul 11

10 Ways to Improve Your Customer Loyalty Program

A good customer loyalty program never stops evolving. Think about it – consumer behaviour is forever changing, adopting new trends and advancing with technology. This means that the way in which brands engage with consumers and encourage loyalty should be constantly evolving as well.  Coming up with new customer loyalty program ideas can be tricky

Jul 9
Digital loyalty and rewards programs

7 Tips to Make Your Customers Loyal to Your Brand

Whether a close friendship or a business partnership, loyalty truly is paramount. If you don’t have loyalty, it’ll be very difficult to move forward and build anything upon it. Loyalty is so fundamental that nothing really works without it.   Brands should focus on building the same loyalty if they wish to keep their customers.  You

Jun 27

How to Create a Loyalty Program with a Limited Budget

Engaged customers are the stepping stone to long-term success and the lifeblood of any business that strives to grow. Without loyal people coming back to your brand, how could you possibly expect to build a long-lasting reputation, let alone a legacy?  With that in mind, many modern business owners have started implementing diverse loyalty programs.

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