What is a Rewards Card App?

The definition of a Rewards Card App is a mobile or web-based application that provides a consumer with an interface to a brand or merchants loyalty and rewards program.
Rewards Card Apps are becoming an important part of a merchants marketing and customer retention strategy. Customers love to use Rewards Card Apps and there are growing levels of engagement and use of these loyalty applications.
A Rewards Card App or Loyalty Card App is essentially the customer interface to the merchants’ loyalty platform. Many existing brands and enterprise groups have their own branded Rewards Card App solution.

Branded Rewards Card App

Leading brands are recognizing the importance of Loyalty Apps in their marketing strategy. They provide direct access to their customer’s pockets and are an important ingredient in the overall customer retention and marketing strategy.
Platforms such as Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions offer private label and enterprise solutions that build these branded Rewards Card Apps.
The benefit of having a branded Rewards Card App is that the consumer downloads and is engaged directly with the clients brand. It is aligned with the brand message.

Universal Rewards Card Apps

These applications allow users to download one app that has multiple merchants and offers listed. For merchants, these are generally offered on a subscription model and they simply ask their customers to download the app and join their offer.
Stamp Me Loyalty Card App is an example of this type of application and is one of the leading global platforms in this space.
If your company is looking for a new, and effective, way to expand your customer reach, you might want to seriously consider a digital loyalty program / rewards card app for your business.
Talk to our expert team today about how we can help your business to reach its customer loyalty goals. You can request more information about our services here.


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