Stamp Validation Methods

The Stamp Me Loyalty Platform offers a variety of mechanisms to digitally validate transactions on the user’s phone. 

Our platform is unique in that transactions can be securely validated independently of a point of sale system

The validation method of your loyalty rewards solution can be tailored to best suit your business requirements.

Here are our options for validating loyalty transactions:

phone scanning a QR JoinCode from a marketing poster

Stamp Code

This is our default validation method for businesses with a physical or mobile location.

Customers simply scan the code through the app to collect stamps.

We will email you your stamp code which you can print out and get started straight away!

Available on all plans.

phone scanning a QR code on a coffee cup

One Stamps

Unique QR codes or alphameric codes can be printed onto labels and placed on products or packaging, such as on coffee cups, takeaway bags or flyers. They can also be used digitally.

This is a great validation option for e-commerce businesses or takeaway/home delivery services.

Available on Pro or Elite, upon request.

Merchant Dashboard

Merchant Dashboard

Stamps can be applied manually to customer accounts through your Merchant Dashboard.

Available on Pro or Elite.


Shopify Integration - Coming Soon!

Do you sell your products through Shopify?

We’ll soon be able to integrate with your online Shopify store, offering customers a seamless, omnichannel loyalty experience! Learn more.

Soon available on Pro or Elite.

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