How It Works

Easy to set up, simple to use

We pride ourselves on our simplicity.

Customers are already familiar with the punch card concept, which is why Stamp Me is so effective.

Our app is intuitive, convenient and easy for businesses to set up and customers to use. It’s a win-win.

digital loyalty card instead of paper cards

Suitable for a range of businesses

We offer a range of stamp validation methods to suit various situations.

Stamp Mate Customer Loyalty Validation Methods

Stamp Mate Device

Stamp Mate is our most popular validation method. It works using Bluetooth and NFC technology.

Stamp Me Quick Stamps

Scan Product

Unique QR codes can be placed on products/packaging. Ideal for fast food and online order services.



Stamps can be applied manually in the Stamp Me Dashboard. This is ideal for online businesses.


QR Code

A QR code can be scanned at the POS.

Customer Insight

If you are on our Pro or Elite plans, you will have access to the Stamp Me Dashboard.

We provide you full access to your customer data (including names, phone numbers and email addresses.

You can also view stamp and reward redemption activity in real-time and export the data in multiple formats.

Customer Analytics

Direct Communication

The Stamp Me Loyalty Platform provides a channel to send targeted campaigns directly to your customers.

  • SMS
  • Push Notifications
  • Email
Push Notification Loyalty App

Customer Engagement

Build hype around your loyalty program with gamification and make your customers feel special by rewarding them on their birthday.

  • Scratch & Win
  • Birthday Club
Example of Scratch Card

Ready to retain more customers?

Here’s how you can get started.

Step 1

Choose your plan

To get started, you’ll need to select a plan.

Note: You don’t have to pay anything until your free trial ends.

Step 2

Create your offer

Provide your offer details (i.e. Buy X, Get Y), provide your business details and upload your logo.

Step 3

We'll activate your offer on the app

Once we receive your registration, our activations team will set-up your offer on the system (usually within 24 hours, excluding weekends).

You’ll then have a chance to get familiar with how the app works.

Then, if you love it… keep it. If you don’t… cancel. Simple!

We can't wait to help you grow your business!

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More FAQ's

Click here to find out information on our pricing & plans for our loyalty app.

Absolutely. Stamp Me is incredibly effective loyalty solution for multi-location businesses.

For more info on running a loyalty program across multiple sites click here.

Getting started is incredibly easy!

The Stamp Me app runs independently of any other system, meaning you don’t have to worry about integrating the program with your POS. This means you can get started straight away!

Once you sign up, our activations team will email you with instructions, post your Welcome Pack, and be there to help you with implementing and managing the program.

A program on Stamp Me can be set up on the platform within 48 hours. However, in practice, it doesn’t hurt to allow some time for creating an onboarding strategy, training staff and creating/receiving the marketing materials if required.

Yes, the program is versatile. A program can operate under one brand banner or multiple brand banners.

All of our data is stored on AWS servers, which are regarded as the most secure servers in the world. All collected customer and transactional data is siloed and provided to the business for marketing purposes. Stamp Media does not sell or share this information with third parties.

You can view our user terms and merchant terms here.

We offer a range of different validation methods to suit different business types. The Stamp Mate device is our most popular, however QuickStamps are really taking off with cafes and quick service restaurants!

Click here for info on validation methods.

All of our solutions are built to comply with local privacy laws including the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018. You can view the Stamp Me Privacy Policy here.

Simply select a plan and register. We’ll get then your offer set up so you can see how it works.


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