Loyalty Card Offers: Designing a good one

Mar 31

Loyalty Card Offers: Designing a good one

Once you choose to implement the Stamp Me loyalty card app in your business, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is what your loyalty offer should be. You may already have a paper loyalty card in place and depending on your service or product, it may be very obvious what it should be. Such as ‘Buy 6 Coffees Get 1 Free’. However, from our experience, many of you are considering a loyalty offer for the first time.

Keep Loyalty Simple

The key is to keep it simple – easy to understand and with the reward attainable. It needs to be a common product or service that many of your customers are purchasing. The alternative is to make the qualifying purchase value based such as ‘Spend Over $15 x 4 Visits and Get…”

What About the Reward?

Many of our businesses also get caught up worrying about what reward they should give. We’ve seen husband and wife owners fall out, arguing over whether it should be a small or medium serve and ‘what happens if someone takes a large?’  This misses the point. It is the fact that you have committed a loyal customer to 6 previous visits providing 6 times the profit and not the incremental cost difference on a small or medium serve.

Put yourself in your customers shoes, we all like simplicity and the easier it is to understand the better – easy to explain and easy to implement.

Here are some examples of good loyalty offers from our app:

  • Buy 6 Coffees Get 1 Freeloyalty card app - buy 6 coffees get 1 free
  • Have 8 Car Washes Get 1 Free
  • Have 4 Hair Cut & Styles and Receive 25% Off Your 5th
  • Buy 5 Burgers Get Your 6th Free
  • 5 x Paid Visits and Get 1 Free Drink
  • Spend Over $30 x 4 visits and Receive $15 Voucher