Loyalty Card App: Making it a Success

You’ve taken the first step to creating a successful loyalty program by sign up for a loyalty card app. Then once you’ve decided on your offer and content, you need to consider how you’re going to make it work.

The secret to a successful loyalty card app offer is a simple one. If you ask your customers to join then you will be more successful than if you don’t. This seems obvious however it’s amazing how many business owners just don’t engage with their customers.

Rule 1 of a Successful Loyalty Card App

Rule 1 of a Successful Loyalty Card AppThe most effective way we have found to do this, is simply to speak to them and ask them to join. To achieve this you will need to speak to all your staff and ensure that they understand how the loyalty app works and then, specifically task them with discussing it with your customers. The more you do this, the more successful the program will be.

Rule 2 of a Successful Loyalty Card App

The next thing to consider is providing an incentive to join. If customers discover that there’s an immediate benefit available to them when they sign up for your loyalty card app, they’re more likely to take the plunge.

Rule 3 of a Successful Loyalty Card App

Reinforce your message to your customers about your rewards program by putting up signs that promote it at the point-of-sale. These should clearly highlight the benefits of your loyalty app and your offer. Also use hand out ‘how to’ cards to give away to your customers that explain that you have an rewards program on an app and how to download.

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