How To Engage Customers with a Scratch & Win Campaign

Apr 24
Example of Scratch Card

How To Engage Customers with a Scratch & Win Campaign

People absolutely love scratch cards. If you can offer someone the chance to “scratch and win”, whether it’s a physical card that leaves a mess of glittery residue everywhere, or a digital scratch card, most of us experience a burning desire to reveal the hidden prize and redeem our reward.


Otherwise known as Scratch & Win, scratchies, scratchcards, Scratch-it and Instant Win cards, this phenomenon is nothing new. Consumers worldwide spend billions in lotteries and gaming for the chance to win a prize.


The same behavioural principles that make scratch-and-win cards so successful for lotteries and gaming businesses can also be used as a creative marketing tactic and promotional tool to engage with customers.


With 72 per cent of businesses claiming that their top priority is to improve their customer experience, loyalty scratchcards are a great place to start.


Scratch and Win cards are easy to implement, and they can build fun and excitement around your brand. This is vital, considering a recent Forrester study found that emotional connection drives customer loyalty far more than factors like ease or effectiveness.


When considering customer engagement strategies, it’s important for brands to recognise that spontaneous offers which create a bit of fun and make the customer feel valued are key to winning their loyalty… especially when they are optimised for mobile devices.


This is more crucial than ever before, with 97 percent of millennials claiming they are much more likely to engage with a loyalty program if they can access their rewards information on their smartphone.


Scratch card marketing is fantastic for encouraging fun, excitement and value among customers because it engages them much more effectively than mass emails, social media promotions and other forms of marketing.


So without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty details of how you can use the power of “Scratch & Win” to generate some buzz around your business.

How do scratch cards work?

Scratch and Win can be played on paper and plastic cards, online as a digital scratch card or within loyalty reward smartphone applications like the Stamp Me Loyalty App.



The premise is simple. Each card has a panel that conceals information, and the user (scratcher) simply scratches or rubs the panel or a series of panels to reveal a prize.


In some cases, the whole card needs to be scratched off. In other cases, such as a quiz, only some of the panels should be scratched off to reveal a prize. If the scratcher incorrectly scratches the wrong parts, the card is invalidated… no pressure!

Digital Scratch Cards Within Loyalty Rewards Apps

example of scratch card offer

If you already have a digital customer loyalty card app implemented into your business, incorporating a scratch and win promotion into the app is quick, easy and hugely beneficial.


Not only does it add a new dimension to your brand’s engagement with loyal customers through the app, but it makes the app more fun to use and keeps your discounts and special offers front-of-mind.