How to create a successful offer for your loyalty program

Sep 25

How to create a successful offer for your loyalty program

Customer loyalty is one of the keys to building a successful business. Businesses simply can’t survive without happy customers, so recognising and appreciating your customers for their loyalty is extremely important.

Customer loyalty rewards programs are indeed an effective way to ensure your customers feel appreciated and valued, but they are also a very powerful customer retention tool for your business.

New customers tend to cost a lot more to acquire, and generally don’t spend as much as your loyal, repeat customers do. Therefore, ensuring your existing customers are happy is also an important business strategy.


Customer loyalty programs are an undeniably effective tool for achieving customer loyalty, however, creating one that will work well for your business is essential.

So, exactly what makes a successful loyalty program offer?


Keeping your offer simple for customers and staff to understand is paramount. Having too many terms and conditions can be confusing, overwhelming and off-putting. You want your offer to be easy enough for staff to explain and for customers to understand.


Create an offer which is attainable for your customers. If a customer thinks it will take too long to achieve the reward, or they have to spend unreasonable amount of money to get it, they probably won’t bother trying. That’s why it’s very important to ensure that your reward is achievable.


Put yourself in your customers shoes and think of rewards that would excite them. Does this look like a good reward? Is it something they would be excited to earn?

Focus on your most popular service / products. Choose a reward that your customers would see as great value in exchange for their loyalty and ensure that it is relevant to what they are looking for.

Remember: the reward is only a cost if the customer qualifies for it. That cost is likely to be small when compared to the lifetime value of that customer.


Give the customer a reason to join the program from the get-go by rewarding them for joining.

For example, if you have a cafe, offer customers a free small coffee upon joining your loyalty program!

This provides an instant incentive and makes the process of on-boarding customers to your loyalty program much quicker.


If your customers don’t about your new loyalty program, how do you expect them to take advantage of it?

Promote your loyalty program far and wide across your social media channels, website, via email to your existing database and of course, in-store.

Examples of great loyalty program offers:

The Cafe


Offer: Buy 6 Coffees and the 7th free!

Terms: One stamp per coffee purchased.

Sign up reward (once-off): Free small coffee!

The Hairdresser


Offer: Collect 5 Stamps and get Half Price off your next Haircut!

Terms: Minimum spend $25 per visit to qualify for a stamp.

Sign up reward (once-off): 10% off your next visit.

The Restaurant


Offer: Collect 8 Stamps and get 25% off your next bill!

Terms: One stamp for each main meal purchased.

Sign up reward (once-off): Free entree!


At Stamp Me, we provide you with a platform that helps you to easy implement and manage your digital loyalty program. There are many different offer types and validation methods to suit a range of businesses! Talk to us today about how we can help you maximise your customer loyalty.