Communicating with Your Loyalty Customers

Jun 1

Communicating with Your Loyalty Customers

We’ve recently integrated some amazing communication tools into our loyalty app platform and we now offer sophisticated, managed communication campaign tools.

Through a wide range of customer segmentation methods, we can use the data generated through our loyalty platform to engage with your loyal customers in many ways. We also provide this as a managed service with one of our account managers assisting you through this process, setting up your campaigns and giving you suggestions and ideas on what you can run. Some examples could be:

Setting up a 500 metres zone around your business and when one of your customers comes in they receive a push notification during lunch hours of your lunchtime specials.

Running an SMS campaign with your customers to complete an online survey.

Sending a monthly newsletter with all latest updates.

Having an automated welcome message when your loyal customers enter your premises.

Run an automated birthday club whereby your customers receive a message and free reward 7 days before their birthday.

Email vouchers to regulars who haven’t been back in your business over the last 21 days.

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