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Seven Hair & Body located in the cathedral city of Peterborough in England, have been providing local patrons with male grooming services for the past 20 years, including cuts, beard trims, waxing and facials.

Their busy barbers shop accepts bookings and walk-in appointments for all ages, including double dad and son appointments.

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The BrIEf

The initial brief from Seven Hair & Body was for a loyalty solution that would keep their customers coming back to them for their every grooming need.

At the end of 2019, they approached us for a free trial to see what a digital loyalty program was all about. They found it to be such a useful solution, they’ve been using us ever since.

Key Objectives

The primary goals that Seven Hair & Body and Stamp Me strived to achieve with a digital loyalty solution were to:

How Their Loyalty Program Works

This loyalty program rewards customers for regularly patronizing their barbers shop.

With every full service a customer receives (such as a standard gentleman’s haircut), the customer will receive a stamp. When they have reached 6 stamps, they have earnt themselves a ½ price haircut reward (or a £20 cut and shave special package, usual RRP £35).

The app is set to automatically trigger the reward on stamp 6. It notifies the customer and stores the reward voucher in the app for them to redeem on their next visit.

Barbers Stamp Card
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In order to claim their reward, the customer simply shows the barber staff the automatically generated reward voucher screen on their phone. The discount is then applied on the cashier by the staff.

Once the stamp card has been used, it refreshes back to zero so the customer can begin to collect stamps towards another discount!


Step 1:

Customer receives a stamp on the app for every service purchased

Step 2:

When they reach stamp 6, the reward triggers. A voucher is added to their account

Step 3:

Customer shows reward voucher to staff on their next visit

Step 4:

Staff apply the reward of a 50% discount = happy customer!

Stamp Validation Method

Seven Hair & Body use our Stamp Mate Device to securely validate stamps for their in-store haircut offer.

The innovative Stamp Mate Device runs independent of any other systems – there are no complicated installations or additional software or hardware required.

Positioned next to the cash register, customers are able to open the app at the time of payment and simply touch their phone on the device to claim their stamp.

stamp mate device


The staff are brilliant advocates of their loyalty program. They educate customers at their point-of-sale and prompt them to download the Stamp Me app.

seven hair and body join card

When their barbers shop is busy, or when a customer wants to join the program in their own time, Seven Hair & Body hand out join cards.

These are small business cards with instructions on how to download the app, and a QR join code specifically for their business. Customers simply scan the QR join code through the app in order to sign-up to the loyalty program to start collecting stamps.


Since enlisting the help of Stamp Me to use our award winning loyalty solution, Seven Hair & Body are reaping the benefits of the program.

Seven Hair & Body are now:

Barbers Stamp Card

If you run a barbers, male grooming service or salon and want to see how we can help you just like Seven Hair & Body, get in contact with us today for a free trial!

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