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The major challenge for brands today is reaching “the millennials”, where traditional “above the line” push marketing has become less effective.

At the same time, direct channels have a growing influence in driving brand awareness. If a brand can influence the consumer in the final steps towards a purchase, it can significantly increase sales. This is where mobile comes into its own!

Benefits for the brand to a mobile loyalty program

Promote brand awareness and a point of difference in the market.

Create and build a direct relationship with your end customer. A lot of brands are beholden to the retailer or some other intermediary for this customer relationship.

Live data capture and analytics.

Direct communication with the ability to deliver relevant and engaging content.

The Stamp Me Loyalty Program works with leading brands to directly engage with customers, not only at the point of purchase but also post transaction.

Whether it be a short-term promotion or a longer-term program for customer retention, the Stamp Me platform provides your brand with the tools to build brand loyalty.

Major benefits of the Stamp Me platform for a brand are:

Simple for the customer and merchant to use.

Easy to implement and deploy across large networks. The platform operates independently of point of sale systems – saving valuable time and money with implementation.

Secure transaction validation with unique Stamp Mate™ technology.

Versatile with the ability to create and deliver live engagement.

Option to build a program on Stamp Me or develop your own “Private Label” solution whether your a brand or an agency representing a brand, contact us about developing an engaging program for your business.

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