4 Key Factors in Making Your Loyalty Program Successful

1. Make it SPECIAL

You must promote and believe in your loyalty program. This isn’t just you but your staff too. If you don’t make it special then your customers will treat it like that too. Ensure that you ask everyone that comes in if they have their loyalty card. You must make them know about it.

2. Make you Offer WORTHWHILE

The strength of your loyalty offer is important. If you don’t make it worthwhile then it won’t be appealing or strong enough to keep your customers interested. 5% off their 15 purchase generally won’t be exciting enough. Getting their 6th haircut half price should be.


You want people to carry their cards with them when they visit you. This is whe loyalty card apps and mobile loyalty systems have a distinct advantage for your customers and ultimately you!

One of the most common failings of traditional loyalty programs is that customers lose and forget their cards. Having them stored on your loyalty app solves this problem.

4. Delivering a GREAT SERVICE & Product

It may seem obvious but you must get your service and product offering right in the first place. If you don’t do this then they will never come back anyway. Your loyal program is a tool for good businesses to retain customers, it’s not a tool for poor businesses to gain customers.

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