Number One Loyalty Card App

Stamp Me™ is the ultimate loyalty card app. We’re partnering with leading brands and the best local businesses to bring convenience and real rewards to consumers across all categories. We offer loyalty solutions from simple membership and VIP discount clubs to stamp loyalty cards on your customers phones.

Stamp Me Partner Brands

Smartphone Loyalty Cards

  • Increase Sales through More & New Repeat Customers
  • Monitor, Analyse and Communicate with your Customers
  • Offers, Deals and Brand Promotion through Local Search
Stamp Me Loyalty Card App

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The Stamp Me loyalty card app is low cost and we set everything up for you.We can have you up and running with your own loyalty offer within hours.

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It Works

No more lost or forgotten cards, with a loyalty card app your customers have your business in their pocket 24/7. You’ll get more customers using them and ultimately a loyalty program that really works!!

It's Simple

No unnecessary features or complicated processes and no special IT required. It’s easy, simple to understand and gets more of your customers coming back.

It's Engaging

Rather than talking into the black hole of traditional advertising you can communicate directly with your real loyal customers. Push out offers and deals and even send them individual messages – now that is engagement that will get everyone talking!

The loyalty options available for businesses are either paper cards or plastic point of sale cards. The benefit of paper cards are they are cheap and easy to implement. The downside is that for a business, they don’t know who has them, and for users they lose and forget them. All this can make them less effective than they potentially could be. Plastic loyalty cards are much better for a business than paper as they provide links to customer records and transactions. However they are very expensive and difficult to implement. There are barriers to customers joining up as they often involve lengthy form filling. Then on top of all this, customers still have to carry their cards around with them.

The Stamp Me loyalty app has the benefits of both these systems without the problems attached. It is inexpensive to implement, links up your customer and transactions and your customers will never lose or forget their loyalty card again. Simply put, the Stamp Me loyalty card app is a win/win for everyone!

The Stamp Me loyalty app can also be used for a simple membership or VIP discount club – just contact us and we’ll show you how.