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Nov 2
gamification features on mobile app

How to Use Gamification as a Customer Retention Strategy

As we discussed in our other blog, titled “Gamification in Loyalty Programs: Why is it Important?”, gamification is when you take a standard process and apply gaming components to make the process more engaging and fun. Through gamification, you can incentivise specific behaviours… which is a handy trick when you’re marketing a loyalty program! Free,

Oct 14
importance of customer loyalty

10 Biggest Loyalty Program Mistakes

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty Programs  Learn how to create a successful loyalty program that retains customers and boosts sales. Get The Guide Thank you! We have sent you a copy of the guide. If you didn’t receive it, please check your spam folder. While the concept behind a loyalty program seems pretty simple to

Aug 6
Loyalty Program Success

4 Ways Customer Loyalty Analytics Will Help You Grow Your Business

In a market that is flooded with a ton of products to choose from, it can be quite a challenge to retain customers. It is important you come up with strategies to boost customer loyalty. Let us see how you can make great customer experience strategies using customer loyalty analytics. Here Are 4 Ways You Can


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