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Apr 22
measure customer loyalty

6 Ways to Measure Your Customer Loyalty Rates

How do you know if your customer loyalty marketing is working unless you know how to measure it? Here’s some insightful metrics that are easy to calculate.

Feb 14
best loyalty points software

What’s the Best Loyalty Points Software for Small Businesses?

Wondering what loyalty points software is best suited to your small business? Here’s a breakdown of what to look for in digital loyalty app providers.

Jan 8
customer rewards app

How to Get Customers to Join Your Loyalty Program in 2022

Want to know how to get customers to join your loyalty program in 2022? Here are some tried and tested techniques that have been proven to boost loyalty card sign-ups and increase customer retention.

Jan 7
unique ways to reward customers

10 Unique Ways to Reward Customers in 2022

If you are looking for unique ways to reward customers, here are a few techniques that will set your loyalty program apart from your competitors’.

Dec 29
man pressing B2B on touchpad

B2B Loyalty Programs: Best Practices for 2022

Incentivising B2B behaviours isn’t like B2C. Read our B2B loyalty program best practices and advice to develop your own effective rewards program.

Oct 30
couple looking at phone

How to Improve Your Loyalty Program’s Redemption Rate

Is your rewards program failing to adequately entice customers? Here are some handy tips for how to improve your loyalty program’s redemption rate.

Oct 12
customers sitting in front of cafe in lagos portugal

The Complete Café Launch Checklist Before Opening Your Doors

Getting ready for your café’s opening day? Make sure it’s fun and exciting, rather than stressful and overwhelming, with this café launch checklist!

Jun 8

What is the Best Way to Inform a Customer About a Loyalty Program?

Got a killer loyalty program but not sure how to promote it? Learn what is the best way to inform a customer about a loyalty program, in this helpful guide.

May 4
should loyalty points expire

Should Loyalty Points Expire?

If your business is setting up a rewards program and you’re wondering whether loyalty points should expire, here’s some expert guidance to help you decide.

Feb 5
How Long Does it Take to Implement a Loyalty Program

How Long Does it Take to Implement a Loyalty Program?

There’s a few factors at play when wondering how long it takes to implement a loyalty program. In this article, we break them down and explore them for you.


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