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Jan 8
customer rewards app

How to Get Customers to Join Your Loyalty Program in 2022

Want to know how to get customers to join your loyalty program in 2022? Here are some tried and tested techniques that have been proven to boost loyalty card sign-ups and increase customer retention.

Jan 7
unique ways to reward customers

10 Unique Ways to Reward Customers in 2022

If you are looking for unique ways to reward customers, here are a few techniques that will set your loyalty program apart from your competitors’.

Jan 6
woman at point of sale

What Makes a Good Loyalty Program in 2022?

Wondering what makes a good loyalty program? Here’s a list of the key ingredients every loyalty program needs for retaining customers and building loyalty.

Jan 2

7 Loyalty Program Tips for 2022

From small mindset adjustments to entirely new techniques, these crucial loyalty program tips for 2022 will help you retain customers and build loyalty.

Dec 26
signup rewards

Why Rewarding Customers Straight Away Is So Important in 2022

Offering first-time customers a signup reward can lay the foundations of a strong emotional connection between brand and customer. Find out why here.

Dec 25
cost of a digital loyalty program

The Average Cost of a Digital Loyalty Program in 2022

How much should a decent digital loyalty program be costing your business in 2022? You might find the answer to be a pleasant surprise…

Dec 22
ultimate guide data driven loyalty

The Ultimate Guide to Data Driven Loyalty Programs in 2022

In this convenient guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about creating a data driven loyalty program for your business in 2022.

Dec 20
How Can I Promote My Loyalty Program?

How Can I Promote My Loyalty Program in 2022?

If you’ve created an enticing loyalty program for your customers and now you’re wondering, “How can I promote it?”, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

Dec 15
How to Brand Your Loyalty Program

How to Brand Your Loyalty Program

Wondering how to brand your loyalty program in a way that reflects your business’s core values and expands brand awareness? Here are some handy tips!

Oct 21
woman jumping with umbrella

How to Build a Customer-Focused Loyalty Program

How do you build a customer-focused loyalty program that creates a community around your brand and strengthens the emotional connection with your customers?


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