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Mar 2
lady scanning receipt with phone using app

How Can Receipt Scanning Technology Benefit Business Owners?

As you might already be aware, receipt scanning has emerged as a very useful innovation in many industries, and has already become an integral part of many business’s operations. From easier expense tracking and tax-free shopping capabilities, to convenient hotel self check-ins, self utility meter readings and voucher code scanning, OCR (or “Optical Character Recognition”)

Feb 24
woman on phone outside of clothing store

How to Know if a Loyalty Program Will Work for Your Business

Despite all the content you’ll find online surrounding how to set up a loyalty program for your business, there’s not a lot of information readily available on how to determine whether your business would actually benefit from one. Of course, there’s a bottomless pit of statistics around customer loyalty that make a good case for

Sep 17
Stamp Me Loyalty Card App

What are the Benefits of a Punch Card App?

Loyalty reward programs are at the heart of many strategies to build stronger relationships with your target audience. The right programs can increase your sales, engage your customers, and even increase the likelihood of repeat business.  In fact, in the United States, stats suggest that consumer engagement is much higher with individuals who belong to


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