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Aug 18
hard vs soft benefits in loyalty programs

Hard vs. Soft Benefits in Loyalty Programs

Learn the difference between hard and soft loyalty program benefits, as well as some nifty tricks for incorporating these perks into your own rewards program.

Nov 12
ridley app prizes

Case Study: Ridley’s R3 Rewards Program

Ridley approached Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions to develop and build a customised loyalty rewards program as a marketing tool to help retain, understand, engage and communicate with its customers. So, who are Ridley? Ridley AgriProducts have been a cornerstone of Australia’s agriculture for nearly three decades, helping farmers to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet

Nov 11
benefits of customer loyalty

5 Key Reasons Why Loyalty Programs Are Imperative for Business Success

Most business owners are well aware of the basic concept behind a loyalty program. However, many people still mistake a “repeat customer” for a “loyal customer”. Will the customer who frequently visits your coffee shop continue to come in for their daily coffee when they move to another area? How about when you raise the

Nov 6
how business loyalty helps the community

5 Benefits of Launching a Loyalty Program for the Local Community

While the modern business world is raving about the benefits and importance of online loyalty programs, very few business leaders consider the long-term opportunities that offline loyalty campaigns and community engagement can bring to the table. This doesn’t mean that one is inherently better than the other. Both offer many benefits you shouldn’t miss out

Mar 1
customer loyalty app

4 Reasons Why a Loyalty Card App Will Improve Your Business

Much of the content you see online regarding how to increase profits or how to promote your business focuses on “how to get more customers”. The power of customer retention and loyalty is often understated or overlooked. Most people associate business growth with the concept of “broadening your horizons”. But what happens to your existing

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