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May 17
ways to improve your business with customer loyalty

6 Ways to Improve your Business Through Customer Loyalty

Looking for ways to improve your business through customer loyalty? Here’s a helpful guide of techniques to help you get started.

May 2
we want your feedback

How to Use Your Loyalty Program to Gain Valuable Customer Feedback

Your loyalty program provides more beneficial tools than you realise – learn how to use it to gain valuable customer feedback and improve your business.

Jan 10
social media loyalty marketing

How to Use Social Media to Improve Customer Loyalty in 2022

Want to learn how to use social media to improve customer loyalty in 2022? These five tips will help your business increase customer retention with social media.

Jan 5
guide to customer loyalty

Your A to Z Guide to Customer Loyalty in 2022

Looking to retain more customers and build brand loyalty in 2022? Find everything you need to know right here, in this comprehensive guide to customer loyalty!

Jan 3
tips to get customers to spend more

How to Get Customers to Spend More with Your Brand in 2022

Before digital technology played such a huge role in marketing, brands would pull out all the classic tricks for getting customers to spend more in 2022. These days though, the best way to increase a customer’s basket-size is digitally.

Dec 27
customer loyalty marketing strategies

Top 10 Marketing Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty in 2022

How can you keep your existing customers coming back through the doors or shopping with you online? By implementing some of these bullet-proof marketing strategies to increase customer loyalty in 2022.

Dec 24
FMCG loyalty program

7 Powerful FMCG Loyalty Program Tips in 2022

With these FMCG loyalty program tips, businesses can personalize the customer experience and foster an emotional connection to the brand.

Dec 22
ultimate guide data driven loyalty

The Ultimate Guide to Data Driven Loyalty Programs in 2022

In this convenient guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about creating a data driven loyalty program for your business in 2022.

Nov 8
What Do Customers Want from Loyalty Programs

What Do Customers Want from Loyalty Programs?

Want to make sure your loyalty program hits the mark? Find out what customers really want from loyalty programs, in this helpful guide.

Jul 12
man jumping beside lake

How to Work Experiential Rewards Into Your Loyalty Program

Learn the important role that experiential rewards play in customer retention and brand loyalty, as well as how to work them into your loyalty program.


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