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Why Has My Reward Disappeared?

If you cannot see rewards you have previously earned, this is likely down to one of three reasons:

1. Wrong Stamp Me account

Please ensure you have logged in with the same email address that you have been using to collect stamps and earn rewards.

If you have recently created a new account with a different email address, the old rewards will not be applied to that account.

Please log back in with your original email address.

If you have forgotten your password, learn how to reset it.

2. Reward has expired

Some businesses have set up expiry dates on rewards. Therefore, if you have not redeemed your reward in time, it will expire and disappear from your list.

You can see whether there is an expiry date under the relevant reward under your ‘rewards’ list. If you do not see one, there is no expiry date.

If your reward has expired and you did not claim it, I’m afraid there is nothing we can do. You may wish to contact the business to see if they will perhaps reissue the reward back to your account, which is at their discretion.


Rewards list showing rewards with a 'valid until' date

list of rewards in phone frame

Rewards list showing rewards with no 'valid until' date

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