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What Is A ‘Scratch And Win’ Game And How Does It Work?

‘Scratch and win’ are games based on the idea of a traditional scratch card/instant win card – just in this case it’s a digital one!

How do I play?

Upon completing certain actions, such as receiving a stamp or joining an offer, you may see a pop-up ‘scratch and win’ game.

To play, simply rub the panel with your finger to be in with the chance of winning a prize.

If you win, you’ll be directed to another screen with a message showing you what you’ve won.

How do I redeem a reward I’ve won from a ‘scratch and win’ game ?

If you win a prize, it will automatically be stored under your ‘rewards’ list for you to redeem when you’d like. Take note of the reward expiry date (if there is one).

What are my chances of winning?

Winners are randomly generated and based around pre-programmed outcomes/ratios that the business has determined.

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