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What Are OneStamps?

One Stamps are unique QR codes that allow customers to collect one-off stamps (and automatically join your offer at the same time, if they have not already).

Once it is scanned and redeemed, the code automatically expires. The user (or any other user for that matter), cannot continue to earn stamps with that code.

phone scanning a QR code on a coffee cup

OneStamps can also have a predetermined expiry date.

OneStamp codes can be printed onto basically anything. They allow the user to scan and earn rewards using the Stamp Me app, no matter where they are.

It is the ideal solution for home delivery, takeaways and attaching to products.

How do OneStamps work for the user?


Users download Stamp Me on their phone and register.


They scan the code. The first scan joins them to the offer and provides them with their stamps at the same time.


The code expires. It cannot be rescanned by anyone again (unless programmed otherwise, which we have the ability to do on request).

What are OneStamps good for?

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