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What Are OneStamps?

OneStamps are unique, one-use codes that allow customers to collect a single stamp (and automatically join your offer at the same time, if they have not already).

Once the code has been used, it automatically expires. The user or any other user, cannot continue to earn stamps with that code. They can also have a predetermined expiry date.

It is the ideal solution for home delivery, takeaways, attaching to products and other non face-to-face transactions.

phone scanning a QR code on a coffee cup

What format are OneStamps available in?

OneStamps can be produced in two formats:

  1. A QR code image to scan in-app
  2. An alphanumeric code to type in-app (for example ‘coffeecafe1234’)

As standard, we offer OneStamp QR codes in a ready-to-print PDF sticker sheet. We provide alphanumeric codes as a list in CSV or .xlsx format.

Please let us know if you require codes in another format.

How do OneStamps work for the user?


Users download Stamp Me on their phone and register.


They press ‘+’ and scan the code with the pop-up camera. The first scan joins them to the offer and provides them with their stamps at the same time.


The code expires. It cannot be rescanned by anyone again.

What are OneStamps good for?

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