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Can I Track Customer Stamp And Redemption Activity?

One of the great things about a Stamp Me loyalty program is that you are able to track exactly who is claiming stamps and rewards – and when. You can finally put a name to your previously anonymous customers.

data and analytics on a graph

Tracking stamp and reward activity is a great indication of exactly who your most loyal customers are and how well your loyalty program is doing.

See instructions on how to track a customer’s stamp activity on the Merchant Dashboard.

Activity dashboard overview

Pro and Elite plan holders can monitor customer activity via their Merchant Dashboard.

Once you have logged in, you can see an overview of the most recent stamp and reward collections on one page. You can find this under ‘activity’ > ‘dashboard’.

Data filters such as the offer type (if you have multiple offers set up) and desired time period can be selected using the red buttons at the top right of the activity dashboard page.

screenshot showing the activity landing page of the Stamp Me Merchant Dashboard

Activity dashboard features

At the top of the dashboard overview, a graph shows your stamp collection trends over time. This is useful to see what the most popular days are for stamp collection, for example.

The stamp redemption graph is automatically set to show ‘last weeks’ stamp data. To change this, you can do so by pressing the red buttons at the top, and selecting your desired time period.

ow to change the time period for the stamp activity graph

The tables underneath list the customer’s personal information as well as their stamp activity; when stamp/rewards were collected, at which location (if you have a multi-location program set up), what was redeemed and against which offer.

To show more records, use the drop-down bar where it says ‘display _ records’.

To export this data, click ‘save’ at the top right of the table of data. Data can be downloaded in CSV or Excel format.

Be mindful of GDPR and privacy laws – you must have your customers permission to use their personal data.

Having issues downloading data? See our exporting data troubleshooting guide (Flash Player).

'Customers' feature

You can also search for customer’s stamp/reward habits in more detail in the ‘customer’ tab.

Select your location and offer from the dropdown options at the top of the page and press the blue ‘select’ button to save. Your contacts will appear below.

You can sort the data in ascending/descending order using the small arrows in the table header.

This page allows you to:

  • Search for a specific customers stamp/reward history
  • Search for customers based on a certain number of redemptions
  • Search for customers who redeemed between a certain time frame.
  • Export all your loyalty program users data in CSV or PDF format.
screenshot of customer activity page on merchant dashboard

If you have any questions about the Merchant Dashboard, please contact us.

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