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What Are Time Delays?

Time delays mean that a certain length of time has to pass between stamp collections. For example, once a customer collects their first stamp, they can’t collect a second one for another 2 minutes.

Setting up a time delay is an additional security measure that can help prevent users claiming unearned or accidental stamps, or if you simply want to set up a limit of only one stamp per day, for example.

Note: the default time delay is 0 but it can easily be set up if you would like it.

tme delay error message within phone frame

How do I set up time delays?

Time delays can be set up from your Stamp Me Merchant Dashboard, or by letting us know.

Once you’ve logged into the Merchant Dashboard:

Select manage programs > edit offer > delay between stamps > input time delay in seconds > save

It is recommended to mention the time delay in the ‘offer terms’ box so the conditions are clear for the user.

Note: The time delay needs to be inputted in seconds. Use the link beside the second field to calculate the time period in seconds if required.

screenshot of the merchant dashboard showing how to set up time delays between stamp collections

How do I disable the time delay on an Offer?

Select manage programs > edit offer > delay between stamps > input 0 > save

how to remove time delay between stamps on the merchant dashboard
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