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What Is A StampCode?

A StampCode is the primary QR code for allocating stamps to your customers in-person. Customers simply scan it through the app to collect a stamp.

If a customer is not part of your program, it will also join them to the program on the first use.

Sample print out StampCode

How to use a StampCode:

Simply print out the A4 document sent to you in your Activations Email containing your StampCode. Put it at a convenient, yet safe place at each of your transaction points (e.g. next to, or behind your cash register).

A StampCode can be used multiple times and does not expire. Therefore, it is important not to display the code publicly without control (to avoid people collecting unearned stamps).


If you are using our Stamp Mate™ Device to validate stamps, it is still important to have your StampCode printed and kept nearby. It is a backup in case a customer is unable to collect a stamp using the Stamp Mate Device.

In this circumstance, they simply need to press the ‘Scan Code Instead’ button from the validation screen.

See how a customer collects a stamp via scanning a StampCode:

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