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What Is The Stamp Mate™ Device?

Our innovative Stamp Mate is a small, battery-operated plastic device.

The device uses Bluetooth and NFC technology to validate the stamp(s) when your customer places their phone on top of it. It works just like contactless payment.

You should put it somewhere obvious for your customer, like beside your point of sale/cash register.

Phone Collecting a Stamp via a Stamp Mate Device
Stamp Mate Customer Loyalty Validation Methods

If you require a Stamp Mate device, we can send this to you on request after your free trial period ends (Pro & Elite plans only).

We will also provide you with a display board that you can attach your Stamp Mate Device to.

Read the technical specifications of the Stamp Mate Device.

How a customer collects a stamp with the Stamp Mate device:


Customer presses the ‘Stamp Me’ button on the relevant stamp card on their phone


They touch the back of their phone on top of the Stamp Mate Device


Success! A stamp will be added to their card

If a customer has trouble collecting a stamp, a visual will pop up, guiding them where to place their phone on the Stamp Mate Device. If they have an Android phone, they may need to move their phone around on the device to find their NFC tag.

Note: Bluetooth/NFC must be switched on. We recommend you keep your Stamp Code as a backup in instances of customers who have phones without Bluetooth or NFC capability.

See how a customer collects a stamp with a Stamp Mate Device:

What are the benefits of using the Stamp Mate Device?

More secure

Customers can’t take a photo of it to abuse stamp collection.

Automated geo-marketing

– If a customer walks near the store, an automatic geo-notification can be triggered on their mobile phone to encourage them to visit.

Innovative & interesting

Haptic feedback when the phone is touched on the device makes it feel like customers are collecting a real stamp.

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