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What Is A Sign-Up Reward?

A sign-up reward is a gift or discount in order to encourage customers to join your loyalty program offer.

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It is a reward that is instantly issued to the customer as soon as they join your loyalty program.

Why should I offer a sign-up reward?

We’ve found that businesses who offer a decent reward upon sign-up build registrations more than three times faster than businesses that don’t offer any sign-up incentive.

Typically, once a customer has joined the offer and triggered their reward, it will drive them back again in order to redeem it. You also then have the opportunity to win their continued loyalty through ongoing perks.

The chances of the customer returning again and again increases dramatically once they know they can earn just from their patronage.

What makes a good sign-up reward?

The sign-up reward should be far too enticing for a customer to say no to and appeal to them then and there.

This could be something along the lines of a 25% discount off their purchase, a free coffee, or a free wax with their car wash, for example.

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