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What Is A Shared Offer?

A shared offer (or sometimes referred to as a ‘linked offer’) refers to operating one stamp card for multiple locations.

Shared offers allow customers to accumulate stamps on the same stamp card and redeem rewards at any of the participating business locations.

It’s the ideal reward solution for a network or chain of businesses. Think something along the lines of the Starbucks Rewards program which you can participate in at any store.

How does it work?

Customers can collect stamps and redeem rewards at any participating location:

Diagram depicting the theory behind a shared offer across multiple businesses

For example: Joe goes into store 1, ‘Coffee Cafe’ and with his purchase, earns a stamp against offer 1 – a free coffee on his 5th purchase.

The next day, he goes to ‘Coffee Cafe’ another town, store 2. He can collect a second stamp on offer 1 towards his free coffee, even though he is at another location.

How do I set up a shared offer?

You will be asked if you want to make your offer shared when sign up to Stamp Me if you enter more than one location.

On a Stamp Me Pro plan, you are able to have a shared offer for two businesses. On an Elite plan, you are able to have up to six businesses with a shared offer. Extra locations can be added on for an additional charge.

What are the advantages of a shared offer?

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