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What Is A Shared Offer?

A shared offer (or sometimes referred to as a ‘linked offer’) refers to a business who operates a loyalty offer across multiple locations.

Shared offers allow customers to accumulate stamps on the same offer and redeem rewards at any business location.

It’s the ideal reward solution for a network of businesses. Think something along the lines of the Starbucks Rewards program.

How does it work?

Customers can collect stamps and redeem rewards at any participating location:

Diagram depicting the theory behind a shared offer across multiple businesses

For example: Joe goes into store 1 and with his purchase, earns a stamp against offer 1 – a free coffee on his 5th purchase.

The next day, he goes to the same store in another town, store 2. He can collect a stamp on offer 1 towards his free coffee, even though he is at another location.

How do I set up a shared offer?

We will discuss your shared offer and set it up on your behalf when you sign up to Stamp Me.

On a Stamp Me Pro plan, you are able to have a shared offer for two businesses. On an Elite plan, you are able to have up to six businesses on a shared offer.

Extra locations can be added on for an additional charge.

What are the advantages of a shared offer?

  • Fosters loyalty between business or brand and the customer, no matter where in the country (or world) they may be.
  • A customer is much more likely to look out for your business in order to gain those stamps in a new city for example, than look elsewhere.
  • It’s extremely convenient for the customer - they don’t need to go out their way to visit a specific store or location.
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