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How Do I Send An Email To Loyalty Program Users?

If you have organised with us to automatically sync new loyalty customers to your email marketing platform, it’s a great idea to send your customers a Welcome Email. Here is an example of a Welcome Email you could send. We can design it, or you can.

Your loyalty program Welcome Email should:


Welcome and thank the customer for joining

An example of a welcome email to send to loyalty program customers


Provide details about the loyalty program offer, including how customers can redeem their reward when they reach it


Provide instructions on how to seek support about the loyalty program (either your contact details or a link to the Stamp Me website)

You should be able to configure the email to automatically send to new loyalty program contacts in your email marketing platform campaign settings.

Alternatively, we can trigger the message to send when a person joins your stamp card for the first time.

If you would like assistance with creating an image of your stamp card to include in your Welcome Email (like in the example shown), please let us know.

Learn how to set up a Mailchimp integration.

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