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What Is Scratch & Win And How Do I Set It Up?

Scratch & Win are games based on the idea of a traditional scratch card/instant win card – just in this case it’s a digital one!

They’re a great way to add a bit of fun and additional engagement to your loyalty program.

example of scratch card offer

How does Scratch & Win work?

Upon the action of collecting a stamp, customers may see a pop up Scratch & Win game. To play, they simply rub the panel with their finger to be in with the chance of winning a prize.

If someone wins, they’ll be directed to another screen with a message showing what they’ve won and the reward will be sent to their account.

Prizes/rewards are randomly generated around pre-programmed outcomes that you determine.

For example, you can choose the Scratch & Win to appear for only 50% of customers, and then 30% of these players to win a prize.

How do I set up a Scratch & Win campaign?

To set this feature up, please fill in this form. We will ask you for:

1 – Percentage of users that will be offered a Scratch & Win card

2 – Win ratio. ie., is it a 30% chance of winning, 10% chance of winning etc?

3 – What you reward(s)/prize(s) are

5 – Image for the scratch card (640×1136 pixels)

5 – Image for the reward (300×300 pixels)

Note: if you do not have images, we will create some for you.

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