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What Type Of Reward Can I Offer?

The rewards you could offer your loyalty program customers will depend on the type of business you manage.

Here are some loyalty reward ideas:

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1. Free product/service

Free products or services can work particularly well for physical stores, especially as they are generally low-cost for the business.

Some free product ideas:

Cafe, bar or restaurant: a free coffee, upsize, cake, dessert, starter, buy one get one free etc

Beauty parlour or hairdressers: free sample products, makeup bag, massage, free cut, colour upgrade etc

Car wash: a free wax, inside clean, air freshener etc

Retail: a free product, branded merchandise etc

2. Discounts

Discounts are a great way to encourage repeat business. Discount codes can be shown in-person or entered online at the checkout, depending on your business model.

For example, you could offer a 25% discount off a customer’s next purchase.

See how customersredeem online rewards.

3. Digital gift cards from a 3rd party

You may wish to offer gift cards from leading brands. These can be issued to customers via email.

For example, a plumbing company may wish to offer loyal patrons an Uber Eats or Amazon voucher.

See the options for issuing a e-voucher/e-gift card through Stamp Me.

4. Experiences

An emerging reward trend is to offer experiences to customers as opposed to gifts or discounts.

These experiences could be something you offer yourself, or you could potentially partner with a related business. For example, a hotel could partner with a local tour agency and vice versa.

5. Perks

Reward experiences may not even need to cost you much.

There are many other rewards you can offer to your loyalty program customers. Some other ideas include:

Upgrades (e.g. large coffee when purchasing a small)

Charitable donations (support a cause that your customers care about, perhaps that benefits your local community)

Events (such as a new store opening, a masterclass)

Exclusive content or access (VIP tutorials, ‘behind-the-scenes’ access, pre-sale entry)

Take a look at this article for some innovative reward ideas, including some that may not cost you at all.

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