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How Do Customers Redeem Rewards Online?

Once a customer has triggered their reward, if you are an e-commerce store, they can claim their reward online.

The most suitable loyalty reward for e-commerce customers is generally a discount on future online purchases.

how to issue and redeem online loyalty rewards

This encourages the customer to make another purchase in order to redeem the reward.

How do online rewards work for merchants?

Once the customer collects enough stamps, a pop-up alert in the app can appear instead of the in-app reward voucher. This message is customisable and determined by you.

Typically this would say something like ‘use discount code XZY for 50% off your next order‘.

Alternatively, you could tell the customer to expect an email containing a unique voucher code and instructions on how to redeem a reward. We can set this email to trigger at the same time as the pop-up message.

reward screen for online or e-commerce stores

How do I know when a customer has earned a reward?

We can send you a “New Rewards Earned” report or email on a live or periodic basis so that you can contact customers. You can also view the activity yourself in your Merchant Dashboard.

Alternatively, we can configure your program so that an automated email is sent to the customer once they earn the reward.

If we send the email on your behalf, we can create the discount codes for your store to accept, or you can supply us with a list of codes to us to insert into the email.

The customer then simply applies their unique promo code to their next online order during the checkout process to receive their discount.

How do online reward redemptions work for customers?

Learn how customers can redeem rewards in-store.

online discount reward




Once the customer earns their reward, a pop-up message will appear on the app (as discussed above).

They will be able to see their discount code or if arranged, they may receive an email with their discount code (sent by us or you).

The customer then redeems their voucher/discount as per the email instructions.

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