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How Do I Send Push Notifications?

Push notifications are small pop-up messages that can appear on a users phone when they have the Stamp Me app open.

You are able to send these direct communications to customers via the Merchant Dashboard. You can also set up automated lapsed customer notifications.

Push Notification Loyalty App

How to send push notifications:

Follow these step-by-step instructions or watch the video below:

1 – Open the Merchant Dashboard and go to ‘Broadcast’ in the side menu under ‘Communications’

2 – Click on ‘Location’ and select your desired locations

3 – Click on ‘Select Offer’ to choose which group of offer users you would like to communicate with, otherwise select ‘All Offers’

4 – Click the blue ‘Select’ button and wait for the customer list to populate

5 – Type your message into the text box (max 140 characters)

Attach a reward to the push notification (optional)

Follow the above instructions 1 – 5 and then:

6 – Go to ‘Give Reward to Customers’ and click on the toggle to turn it on

7 – Fill in the number of rewards you would like to give, the name of the reward and the expiry date (if any). If you do not want the reward to expire, enter 0

8 – Add an image for your reward (optional). Make sure it is a .jpg file and 300x300px

9 – If you wish to only send the message to specific customers, deselect all customers in the top left-hand corner, then search customers and select them individually

10 – When you’re ready, click ‘Send’. Your push notification has been sent!

Video - how to send push notifications:

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