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How Can I Promote Stamp Me In-Store?

We provide you with all the materials you need to market your loyalty program in-store.

You can access digital copies here or we can send you printed hard copies upon request in the form of a welcome pack.

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Marketing display ideas:

Here are some ideas how and where to display your marketing material:

Posters – display at the point of sale (POS), around the venue, in the window, even in the toilets!

Printed join cards – leave a pile of join cards at the POS, insert them into tabletop display holders, or slip them into takeaway bags or packaging. We give you your first 250 for free!

Stickers – stick to the store windows, cash register, take-away products or glass display cases.

In-store or take away-menus – use the Stamp Me logo and your Join Code to include in the design of your menus or any take-away materials.

Flyers – create some advertising flyers and post them to local residents or hand them out.

Don’t forget that one of the best way to promote Stamp Me in-store is by using your friendly staff! At checkout, ensure they are asking if customers would like to sign up to start earning rewards.

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