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What Is A Private Offer And How Do I Set It Up?

A private offer is a rewards offer not publicly available to Stamp Me app users. It is not discoverable under the ‘explore new offers’ list on the app based on a customer’s location settings.

A private offer can only be joined when a Join or StampCode is provided to the customer or they are invited on the Merchant Dashboard by an admin.

Why set up a private offer?

There are a few instances when private offers may be useful. They include:

How to set up a private offer:

The private offer function can be applied easily through your Merchant Dashboard by following these steps:

Click offers (found under ‘admin’) > select the offer you want to make private from the drop-down menu > tick private offer > red message appears confirming “this offer won’t show up in Around Me” > click save.

Note: ensure ‘offer is enabled’ button is also ticked so the offer is live.

screenshot showing private offer is ticked and enabled in the merchant dashboard
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