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How Do You Prevent A Customer Fraudulently Claiming A Reward Or Stamp?

As with anything, there may be a small percentage of people who may try to take advantage of a situation.

That’s why we have various safety and precautionary measures in place to prevent the fraudulent collecting of stamps and rewards:

1. Registered personal information

The user of the loyalty program has registered their details when they signed up. That means you have access to their name, email address and their whole stamp transaction history.

This is a massive deterrent as you can easily know who they are.

You can also remove/block a customer or staff from your loyalty program by contacting us.

2. A moving reward redemption screen

In order to prevent people from screen-shotting and sharing the reward redemption screen, we have developed a moving countdown card.

This moving screen with colourful party poppers, proves to the staff that the reward is ‘live’ and not a fraudulent copy.

Make sure that staff are aware to look out for it and do not accept any still images.

3. OneStamps

OneStamps have been developed to only allocate one stamp per scan and cannot be used multiple times.

That also means the code cannot be shared with others. It is ideal for situations where stamping cannot be monitored i.e. for an online business with home delivery.

4. Time delays between stamps

Merchants are able to set up a time delay between the collection of stamps for each user.

That means someone cannot collect multiple stamps in a row in quick succession and will have to wait for the determined time period to lapse.

To set these interval delays, enter a number of seconds into the ‘delay between stamps’ box in the ‘offers’ page under the admin section of the Merchant Dashboard.

Some final Stamp Me security advice:

Put the Stamp Mate device/StampCode near the POS (if applicable) –

For physical stores, we always recommend placing your stamping device or StampCode next to the point of sale (POS) to ensure that staff can monitor the allocation of stamps. A customer is much less likely to claim multiple times in a row if a member of staff is there.

Check your dashboard regularly – by periodically checking your dashboard, you will be able to determine if there are any anomalies or suspicious activity.

Do not share your dashboard login details – it is best that only a limited number of people have access to the Merchant Dashboard. This will prevent fraudulent allocation of stamps/rewards and/or access to private customer information.

Tell staff redemptions are tracked – explaining how activity is monitored to staff will surely prevent the temptation to collect stamps when they’re not meant to!

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