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How Do I Get OneStamps on My Products/Packaging?

The most common way to display OneStamps is by printing them onto sticky labels with your personal laser or inkjet printer. We provide OneStamps as a print-ready PDF file with print instructions.

Simply peel the codes off the sheet and stick them onto your products, packaging, receipts or business cards.

The labels are supplied by Avery or PPS, which can be purchased at office supply stores.

OneStamp Print Labels

Label Size

The standard label size is 38.1mm x 21.2mm. Note: if you print on labels that are not exact size, the codes will not align with the printing.

We can arrange different size labels depending on your requirements. You can see the different sizes on Avery’s website: https://www.avery.com/blank/.


The default label design will contain the QR code and the Stamp Me logo:

We can also print and post you the labels at an additional cost of $1 per sheet (65 labels) + postage.

an example of a sheet of one stamp QR codes

Alternative methods

If you would like to print the codes onto something other than labels, you are more than welcome to do so! In this instance, we will simply supply you with the raw QR code files.

You can then arrange for the codes to be printed on whatever you desire (products, packaging etc).

How to order OneStamps:

You can order our standard-sized OneStamps for free by clicking here. We will need to know how many you would like.

Codes can be ordered in sheets of 65 codes (for our standard label size).

5 sheets =

325 codes

10 sheets =

650 codes

20 sheets =

1,300 codes

30 sheets =

1,950 codes

100 sheets =

6,500 codes

The number of codes will vary depending on the number of transactions you do in a month.

If you would like to arrange a different sized label, or request the raw code files, please email us.

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