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How Do I Get People Signed Up To My Loyalty Program?

Here are some useful tips and resources available to you to help increase your loyalty program sign-ups!

1. A sign-up reward

One of the most enticing things – if not the most enticing thing – to get people joined up to your loyalty program, is an utterly irresistible sign-up reward.

Who could say no to a generous discount on their purchase or a freebie handed to them then and there, just for downloading an app?

gift in hand sign up reward

A sign-up reward is the foolproof way to get people to join your program. It allows a customer to understand how the program works straight away, makes them feel special and guarantees a visit to use it.

Your sign-up promotion could be something along the lines of: Receive a free slice of cake with your coffee or tea purchase!OR “25% discount off your purchase today”.

This could be advertised in-store, by staff or on the checkout page of your website, for example.

Read more about the importance of a good sign-up reward.

2. Create a sign-up competition

Want to create urgency or get people motivated to move from paper cards to digital? Creating a sign-up competition is one of the best ways to get people to join your program promptly.

You can offer whatever prize you like – whether that’s a cash prize, vouchers or free products. Just make sure you advertise it well so everyone knows about it!

Then all you need to do is check your Merchant Dashboard for a sign-up between your competition dates and organise their reward. It could be sent as a reward voucher through the Stamp Me app or you could email the winner to coordinate.

3. A good offer and end reward

What the customer really wants to know is whether the end deal is worth their while.

Is the reward something they (and by ‘they’ we also mean ‘you’ by putting yourself in their shoes!) actually want?

Simply put, if the end reward is too ‘salesy’ or stingy, a customer won’t want to join your loyalty program.

screenshot of multiple offers for one businesses

Similarly, if there are too many stamps to collect before they can reach a reward or no incremental rewards along the way, we can place a bet that they’ll think it’s too much effort.

We also recommend only setting up a couple of offers to prevent confusion for your customers and so the offers don’t conflict with each other.

4. Use your in-store staff (if applicable)

Your staff are at the forefront of your business and one of your biggest assets for promoting your loyalty program directly to your customers.

The most effective method is getting staff to ask every customer if they would like to sign up at the POS before a customer pays.

It also really helps to train or walk staff through the app and get them to download it themselves so they know how it works.

If a customer doesn’t want to download the app there and then, staff could hand them a join card so they can do it later.

See what other resources we have to assist staff with the Stamp Me loyalty program.

5. Good marketing/promotion

People will only be able to sign up to your loyalty program if they know it exists!

Learn about the different ways you can promote your loyalty program online and in-store and the resources that we provide you with to do it!

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