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What Is The Lapsed Customer Feature?

The ‘Lapsed Customer’ function on the Stamp Me Merchant Dashboard allows you to re-engage with customers automatically after a certain period of no stamp or reward redemption activity.

This feature will send a push notification to the user via the app.

A dentist may wish set this up to coincide with dental check-up recommendations to remind customers to book an appointment. Similarly, a barber may know that the average customer comes in for a cut every 6-8 weeks. Therefore if a customer has not booked after 10 weeks, they receive an automated reminder and a prompt to book online.

Direct Communication Loyalty App lapse customer feature

How do I set up a lapsed customer message?


Log in to your Merchant Dashboard and go to ‘Lapsed Customers’ which can be found under ‘Communications’.


Select the number of days of inactivity you would like to send the message after.


Enter a short message. E.g. “Hey, we haven’t seen you around in a while – we miss you! Don’t forget to book your next appointment!”.


Click ‘activate’ to turn it on.


Click ‘save’ to save your changes.

The customer will now be sent your message as a push notification after your desired period of inactivity.

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