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What Is A Join Code?

A Join Code allows a customer to join your stamp card when it is scanned or entered within the Stamp Me app. It does not give stamps.

We provide you with a QR image version for every stamp card you set up. We can also provide you with an alphanumeric version to type instead (for example ”joinjoes‘), available on request.

A Join Code can be used multiple times by different customers, but it will only join a customer once.

The QR version of the Join Code will also take customers to their phone app store to download Stamp Me, when scanned with their phone camera.

phone scanning a QR code to join a loyalty program

Joining by scanning the QR Join Code

typing in a code to join a loyalty program

Joining by entering a alphanumerical Join Code

How do I use Join Codes?

Your Join Code is for promoting your program.

It can be included on various marketing materials or told to customers if it is an alphanumeric code. For example, put on flyers, posters, social media and websites, encouraging people to download Stamp Me and scan or enter it in-app to join your program.

See how customers join a stamp card offer using a Join Code.

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