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How Do Customers Join My Offer?

There are four simple ways that a customer can join your loyalty program offer through the Stamp Me app:

– Searching via ‘Explore New Offers’

– Scanning or entering your Join Code

– By being invited by an admin via your Merchant Dashboard

– When collecting a stamp for the first time (by scanning a Stamp Code or scanning/entering a OneStamp)

Here’s how each method works:

1. ‘Explore New Offers’

Customers can discover and join programs nearby thanks to their devices’ built-in location settings (GPS).

The list will show businesses within a 100km/mile radius of their current location (depending on the customer’s settings).

Customers can search by business name using the search bar at the top or scroll through the list.

How to join:

Click ‘+’ icon at the top > explore new offers > select from list or type in business name to search > join > success!

This join solution is ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses where the customer visits in person.

joining a stamp card by pressing 'explore new offers'

2. Scanning or Entering a Join Code

Every business receives a unique Join Code which will join a customer to your program, by adding the stamp card to their app.

We provide Join Codes in either an alphanumeric version or a QR code version. There is one Join Code for each offer (stamp card).

Join Codes can be displayed anywhere such as on a join cards, packaging, flyers, printed receipts or on-screen via websites, social media, emails and more.

A) How to join by entering a Join Code:

Click ‘+’ icon > ‘scan or enter code’ > ‘enter code’ > type provided code e.g., ‘joinmycafe’ > success!

B) How to join by scanning a Join QR Code:

Click ‘+’ icon > ‘scan or enter code’ > scan QR code via camera pop-up > success!

These join solutions are ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses where the customer visits in person.

typing in a code to join a loyalty program

A) Typing alphanumeric Join Code

phone scanning a QR code to join a loyalty program

B) Scanning QR Join Code

3. Merchant Dashboard Invite

Users can be invited to join your loyalty program and also be added to your stamp card when they are manually added by an admin through your Merchant Dashboard.

Required fields to add a customer are first name, last name and email address.

Merchant Dashboard

This action will send an email notifying the user they have been joined to your program. It will contain an automatically generated password and a prompt to download Stamp Me to begin collecting stamps.

Learn how to invite customers via the Merchant Dashboard.

4. Collecting a Stamp

Once a user has downloaded Stamp Me and registered, when they collect a stamp for the first time, they will also be joined to your program, meaning the stamp card will appear in their app for future use.

OneStamps and StampCodes give one stamp and join customers to your stamp card at the same time.

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