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What Are Join Cards And How Do I Get Them?

Join cards are business-sized cards (3.5″ x 2″) with your join code and business logo printed on them.

Join cards are a convenient and easy way for customers to join your program. They’re ideal for on-boarding customers in fast-paced environments, at a time convenient to the customer or placing within packaging.

example of a Stamp Me join card

How does it work for the customer?

After downloading the Stamp Meapp, the customer simply scans the code printed on the join card to join your offer.

If you have a sign-up reward, they’ll automatically receive it in their list of rewards, so they can claim it the next time they visit.

How do I get join cards?

We want as many people to join your loyalty program as you do, that’s why we send you 250 join cards for free when you sign up to Stamp Me.

We can design join cards for you, or alternatively, you can supply us with the artwork.

To order join codes please fill in this order form.

If you would like to purchase more join cards, prices are show below (in USD):




First set, complimentary! Additional set: $15









Please note: turnaround time for printing and posting join cards is around two weeks.

Please contact us to place an order, or to discuss join cards further.

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