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How Do I Issue Rewards Via The Merchant Dashboard?

Rewards which are not linked to your stamp card can be sent in bulk or to individual Stamp Me customers via the Merchant Dashboard.

This feature is ideal for sending spontaneous special offers to surprise and delight your customers (for example, a ‘buy one get one free’ week, a free item, a time sensitive discount and other special promotions).

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Log into your Merchant Dashboard at the top right of the Stamp Me homepage


Select ‘broadcast’ under the communications tab of the left dashboard menu


Select the venue and the offer via the drop down options, or leave blank and move onto the next step to send to all


Click ‘select’. Important: wait for all customers to load


Enter a message into the box to let a customer know they have a new reward in their list


Turn ‘give reward to customers’ on


Enter how many rewards to give


Enter a reward title. To the customer this will appear as “you’ve earned a ______”


Enter expiry date 


Upload reward image (optional)


All customers are automatically selected. To deselect all, press the tick/check at the left of the table. Select individual users by searching, adding a filter or navigating pages. Blue highlight denotes the contact has been selected

Note: for more filtering options such as last stamp venue, birth date and more, press the burger bar to the right of the table and select desired information to be added as a column.


Click ‘send’


A pop-up message summarises how many contacts and rewards you are about to send your message/reward to


‘Yes, proceed’ send the message

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