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How Do I Redeem A Reward Online?

Once you have collected the required number of stamps, your reward will be issued to your account.

How to redeem an online reward:


A red circle icon shows up on ‘Rewards’ on Stamp Me (i.e. the gift icon), notifying you of the reward.


Go to ‘Rewards’ and select the reward you wish to claim.


A safety notification will pop-up asking you “do you want to redeem this reward now?


If you select ‘no’ the reward will remain in ‘Rewards’.


  • If you select ‘yes’, a congratulatory screen will be triggered and an email sent to you with further instructions.


Check your email inbox (or spam folder) after the specified time period to get your online reward (i.e. a discount code, gift voucher etc).


Press ‘complete’ to remove the screen.


Alternatively, the screen will timeout and disappear after 3 minutes of inactivity.

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