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How Do I Redeem A Reward In Person?

Once you have collected the required number of stamps, your reward will be issued to your account.

How to redeem a reward:


A red circle icon shows up on ‘Rewards’ on Stamp Me (i.e. the gift icon), notifying you of the reward.


Go to ‘Rewards’ and select the reward you wish to claim.


A safety notification will pop-up asking you “do you want to redeem this reward now? Important: wait until you are ready to claim the voucher, as you cannot go back.


If you select ‘cancel’ the reward will remain in ‘Rewards’.


  • If you select ‘redeem’, a moving reward voucher displays on screen to present to the merchant.


Note: the reward voucher displays for only 3 minutes, so wait until you are at the cashier or are asked for it.


The merchant will look at the onscreen voucher and issue your reward.


Press ‘complete’ to remove the screen.


Alternatively, the screen will timeout and disappear after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Note: the business may have opted to add another layer of customer validation before you can redeem your reward.

How to redeem a reward:

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