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How Do I Issue Multiple Stamps?

Multiple stamps can be issued to a customers in a single touch, scan, or when a stamp is allocated through the Stamp Me Merchant Dashboard.

This may be useful in the instance of multiple purchases that qualify for a stamp, or a special promotion such as a double stamp day.

There are two ways you can issue multiple stamps to customers:


Allowing the customer to touch the Stamp Mate Device or scan your StampCode more than once

Note: ensure you don’t have a time delay set up between stamp collections.


A user instructed multiple stamp validation feature

We can turn on a multiple stamp feature that allows a customer to select the number of stamps to collect themselves. They should show the screen to the staff to check before stamping.

Note: The default is to issue one stamp per validation. Please let us know if you would like us to activate this multiple stamp feature.

Multiple stamp vs single stamp validation example:

single stamp validation

The default validation screen.

A customer is only able to collect one stamp at a time, despite how many purchases they have made.

multiple stamp validation screen

The multiple stamp validation screen (once activated with Stamp Me).

A customer can select the number of stamps to collect in one go by pressing ‘+’ or ‘-‘.

In this scenario, it could be because the customer has purchases 3 coffees, for example.

If you would like us to activate the multiple stamp validation feature for your loyalty program, please contact us.

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