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How Do I Find And Join An Offer?

There are two ways you can join an offer:

1. Scan code

You can scan a code provided by the merchant. This may be provided in-store, online or displayed in the merchant’s marketing material.

Open the Stamp Me app > ‘+’ icon > scan code > scan code via camera pop-up > success – your offer has been added!

When you collect a stamp from a business for the first time, if you have not already joined the offer, it will automatically join you.

2. Explore offers


scan a code to join a loyalty program offer


join offer by scanning a QR code

You can also join an offer by discovering businesses close to you via the app:

Open the Stamp Me app > ‘+’ icon > explore new offers > scroll through the list of nearby businesses > select the business/offer you want to join > join > success – your offer has been added!

Note: Please ensure that your location services are switched on otherwise you will not be able to see business around you.


how to join an offer via 'explore new offer's button on phone


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