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How Can I Promote My Loyalty Program?

Congratulations – you have your customer retention tool ready to go. Now what?

Well, you could have the most killer loyalty program in the world, but if no one knows about it, simply put – it will flop!

Marketing your loyalty program effectively is absolutely key to its success – but don’t worry – with our handy templates, print and downloadable resources, you can do it quickly and easily with minimal effort required.

Here are some ways you can let the world know about your awesome new loyalty scheme:

1. Web page or blog post

Set up a dedicated web page or blog post for customers to get more information about your loyalty program on your website.

See some web page examples and handy templates to assist you with setting up your web or blog page.

laptop showing Stamp Me promotional web page

2. Social media

social media on phone

Use your social media channels to announce and regularly post about your loyalty program.

The advantage with social media is that you already have a keen audience who are interested in your businesses and likely the ideal candidates for your program.

3. Send an email

Drop everyone on your mailing list a message announcing your loyalty program.

Make sure you link back to your dedicated loyalty program webpage, blog post and/or or social media in the body of the email.

email on laptop

If you don’t have an EDM resource already, let us know. We can design and send a branded email on your behalf.

Learn about integrating your current email marketing platform with Stamp Me.

4. Display marketing material in-store (if applicable)

promoting loyalty program in store

Customers should be able to walk into your store and immediately know all about your loyalty program. That’s why we provide you with everything you need to do this.

Click here to access some generic Stamp Me marketing materials to print and see some ideas how you can promote and display the resources in-store.

See some more ideas about how you can get customers signed up to your loyalty program.

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