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How do I Export Customer Data?

Admins can export their customer’s data, from their Merchant Dashboard at any time. This includes the total number of stamps and redemptions a customer has, as well as personal information such as their name, email address, phone number and birthday, if provided.

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Exporting customer data instructions:

Pro and Elite plan need to login to their Merchant Dashboard.


Select ‘Customers’ from the menu to the left hand side.


Select the business, location and offer you would like to search from the dropdown fields. If you have only one location and offer, you can leave this blank.


Press the blue ‘select’ button. Wait for all customers to populate into the table. Please note: if you have a large database of customers, it may take a few moments to load all customers.

You can sort the data by ascending/descending order using the small arrows in the table header.


Press the burger bar (three lines) to the right hand side of the table. Add additional columns to the table by checking them on the drop-down options.


Select ‘Export all data as CSV’ for an Excel or ‘Export all data as PDF’ for a locked PDF file.


File will download to your device.

The 'Customers' feature allows you to:

You can also check specific reward and stamp data for certain time periods from the ‘dashboard’ section of your Merchant Dashboard.

If you have any questions about the Merchant Dashboard, please contact us.

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